Surprise! My fall mix is a 2-disc affair. Eat your heart out, Timberlake.

Here’s how part 2 kicks off:


Download the while damn thing here!


new mix! great with headphones! download here!

I think Jim and Jess are at a T-Swift show.

I think Jim and Jess are at a T-Swift show.


Well folks, we tried taping a SMASHed finale with two of our best buds on the planet.

But alas, it wasn’t in the cards for a variety of reasons - technical problems, pure exhaustion, a broken corkscrew which limited our wine intake.

Also, WHO PUTS THE FINALE OF A TV SHOW THE SUNDAY NIGHT OF A HOLIDAY WEEKEND? I’m in the country yall. #NoCable #BarelyInternet

The morning after, these two photos (taken and tweeted by @jambajess) are all that remain from our drunken viewing laughfest…

Kenny told stories about his Tony nomination. Brendan fashioned a massive juice box of wine out of bendy straws and ingenuity. Their dog Mabel sighed and rolled her eyes A LOT. (Especially at Debra Messing.)

I’m sorry you all couldn’t have been here.

RIP Smash.

[Raises wine glass to Kyle’s memory.]

Thanks for watching all these months! It’s been real! (Real sloppy!)



Being a big time fancy pants executive producer on some of Bravo’s biggest hit shows didn’t stop Matt Anderson from appearing on the SMASHed couch. And he made it just in time for a Broadway sex tape AND a 400 year old chorus girl.

(But seriously. Having Matt on the show was such a treat for me. The next logical step is getting Spielberg to drunkenly recap The Real Housewives of New Jersey.)

GREAT EPISODE! also, “the diva went from being carly rae jepsen to cher”


My latest “Idol in a Minute” will cheer you up after sobbing through some gnarly hometown visits. Also, OMG LOOK MOM I’M ON “JEOPARDY!”


The latest SMASHed has arrived!! And this week’s guest Ben recognizes one of the extras from Grindr. Amazing.

Ben’s Derek impression, seriously


Oops! Forgot to post this yesterday!!

I was in a very 1990’s mood when I made my latest “Idol” recap.

And I share some big news!!

official finale preshow on americanidol.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!